#245: Dead Again

In this episode of Castlecast, Cathie joins Heidi to talk about Dead Again. John has had a very sad week, and needed some time. Please support him here: https://www.gofundme.com/jti3w0 Cathie and Hei... Read More

#244: Backstabber.

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Hayley unwittingly becomes a murder suspect and runs into a ghost from her past in the 18th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Backstabber”. A.P.B.: 00:00:34 – John made a sale... Read More

#243: Death Wish.

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Castle believes a man’s murder is due to a magic lamp and a spiteful genie in the 17th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Death Wish”. A.P.B.: 00:00:34 – John’s pot... Read More

#242: Heartbreaker.

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Esposito reunites with an ex-girlfriend he arrested and sent away, in order to solve a murder in the 16th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Heartbreaker”. A.P.B.: 00:00:34 – J... Read More

#241: Fidelis Ad Mortem.

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A cop from a training academy is murdered by one of his fellow officers in the 15th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Fidelis Ad Mortem”. A.P.B.: 00:00:37 – John has some prom... Read More

#240: The GDS.

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Rick travels to Los Angeles to learn about his missing time, solve a murder and meet The Greatest Detective Society in the 14th episode of Castle’s 8th season, “The GDS”. A.P.B.: 00:... Read More

#238: The Blame Game.

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Rick and Kate are separated and trapped in a deadly, social experiment in the 12th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “The Blame Game”. A.P.B.: 00:00:36 – John has discovered mo... Read More