#250: The End.

John and Heidi bring the long-running podcast to a close with polls, feedback, fireworks and the occasional cutting of onions.

00:01:18 – Thanks to support from the listeners of this podcast and elsewhere, John is finally financially secure to relocate and is hopeful in finding a new home. Meanwhile, Heidi has been promoted at work and is ever closer to her masters degree.

Poll Results:
00:23:14 – The results of the month-long polls are in, including Baddest Villain, Favorite Guest Star, Best Kiss and more!

01:56:59 – Europa writes in with her picks for favorite and worst episodes and moments, including honorable mentions.
02:33:43 – Marissa writes in to say goodbye to the series and the podcast.
02:39:09 – Cathie writes in to recollect on memorable Castle moments and to say goodbye to the podcast.
02:54:37 – Mariela writes in to say goodbye to the series and the podcast.
02:57:11 – Gayna writes in to cut some onions and drive down memory lane.

The Murder Board:
03:12:32 – Melissa and Jonathan stop by the Facebook page to say their fond farewells.

03:13:15 – Thank you all for your love and support these last eight years. We are forever grateful…. Always.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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