#247: Hell To Pay.

An escaped mental patient who believed he was destined to kill the Anti-Christ, dies in Rick’s office in the 21st episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Hell To Pay”.

00:00:35 – John talks about the aftermath of his dog’s passing and going through routine motions as if Gracie were still alive. Meanwhile, Heidi is enjoying a Disney Original Movies marathon. Child actors also get discussed.

00:18:08 – 8×21 “Hell To Pay”.

00:21:13 – John liked this one quite a bit. Heidi, not so much.

00:48:43 – Cathie writes in about “Hell To Pay”.
01:01:23 – Gayna writes in about “Hell To Pay”.

The Murder Board:
01:07:54 – Kari, Marissa and Simone visit the Facebook page to discuss this episode.

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