#246: Much Ado About Murder.

A stage actor is murdered and a crime boss kidnaps Rick in the 20th episode of Castle’s 8th season, “Much Ado About Murder”.

00:00:35 – John shares his final moments with his dog, Gracie before having to put her to sleep and also gives thanks to listeners for their love and support. Meanwhile, Heidi talks running, beer in Utah cinemas and bizarre, outdated laws.

00:32:41 – Two more Nikki Heat novels are on the way.

00:37:32 – 8×20, “Much Ado About Murder”.

00:40:52 – An enjoyable, if a bit predictable episode for both hosts.

00:58:57 – Cathie writes in about “Much Ado About Murder”.
01:04:27 – Gayna writes in about “Much Ado About Murder”.

The Murder Board:
01:10:56 – Simone goes to the Facebook group to discuss the episode.

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