#241: Fidelis Ad Mortem.

A cop from a training academy is murdered by one of his fellow officers in the 15th episode from Castle’s 8th season, “Fidelis Ad Mortem”.

00:00:37 – John has some promising news regarding his future living and financial situations. Meanwhile, Heidi shares her recent experiences at the Salt Lake FanX. This leads to a brief discussion of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

00:29:31 – 8×15 “Fidelis Ad Mortem”.

00:39:12 – A rocky start and some out-of-character show moments aside, this episode is well received.

00:50:23 – Cathie writes in about “Fidelis Ad Mortem”.

Music Appreciation:
01:07:52 – “That’s What Friends Do” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:
01:08:58 – Comic Book Central.

01:10:47 – Title and synopsis for the next episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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