#240: The GDS.

Rick travels to Los Angeles to learn about his missing time, solve a murder and meet The Greatest Detective Society in the 14th episode of Castle’s 8th season, “The GDS”.

00:00:37 – John has an emergency announcement regarding the subject of last week’s APB. He’s also discovered a stray cat residing in his Mother’s room, which leads to a story about one of her previous dogs. Meanwhile, Heidi talks about her eventful Spring Break, which leads to a discussion about healthy ways to lose weight and what not to do.

00:25:58 – Stana Katic contributed to a charity auction, which you can learn about here.
00:29:04 – Courtesy of Castle writer Rob Hanning, we have air dates for a few episodes, including the season finale.

00:30:52 – 8×14, “The GDS”.

00:40:08 – Despite a disappointing lack of Summer Glau, the episode gets a pass.

Voice Mail:
01:07:17 – Cathie calls in about “The GDS”.
01:16:24 – Gayna calls in about “The GDS”.

The Murder Board:
01:27:15 – Theresa, Mariela and Marissa take to the Facebook page to discuss this week’s episode.

Music Appreciation:
01:30:14 – “Bathroom” by Robert Duncan

Ad Break:
01:31:58 – Bureau 42.

01:33:00 – Title and synopsis for the next episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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