#233: Wild Storm by Richard Castle.

Heidi and Gayna join forces to discuss Richard Castle’s most recent Derrick Storm novel, “Wild Storm”.

00:00:49 – People’s Choice Award Winners, Summer Glau’s guest star announcement and Castle’s return date to television. UPDATE: The new date is February 8th.

00:05:05 – After a brief recap, Heidi and Gayna go through a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Derrick Storm’s latest adventure.

The Murder Board:
01:04:46 – Teresa and Janna share their thoughts on the book.

Ad Break:
01:07:01 – Round Table Podcast.

01:08:45 – TVLine talks to the showrunners about what’s ahead for Castle, including some guest star and plot descriptions for upcoming episodes.
01:11:56 – Ausiello has info on a multiple-episode arc for an upcoming guest star.

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