#229: The Nose.

A Woman with a strong sense of smell helps to sniff out a killer in the 5th episode of Castle’s 8th season, “The Nose”.

00:00:36 – John has both good news and bad news regarding his current financial situation. Also, his glasses broke, again. Meanwhile, Heidi has been running. A lot.

00:15:48 – Airing schedule for the next few weeks.

00:19:23 – 8×05, “The Nose”.

00:24:03 – John and Heidi both loved the guest star and that was more or less it.

00:34:39 – Europa writes in about “The Nose”.
00:52:06 – Cathie writes in about “The Nose”.

Murder Board:
01:15:57 – Marissa heads to the Facebook Group to discuss “The Nose”.

Music Appreciation:
01:18:28 – “How The Story Ends” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:
01:19:14 – ESO Podcast Network.

01:20:46 – Title and synopsis for the next episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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