#227: PhDead.

Rick visits a university as a writing professor, hoping to find a murderer in the 3rd episode from Castle’s 8th season, “PhDead”.

00:00:39 – John talks about his troubles with apartment hunting and shares his experience of watching Orphan Black for the first time and also using the Uber taxi service. Meanwhile, Heidi has viral bronchtis. The good news, is this gives her time to catch up on some TV.

00:20:00 – TVLine.com talks to Terence Paul Winter about the show’s Winter schedule, which will see an extended hiatus.

00:23:16 – 8×03, “PhDead”.

00:33:40 – While they’re fine with the episode itself in principle, John and Heidi are faced with general apathy, which may or may not extend to the rest of the season.

00:45:12 – Cathie writes in about “PhDead”.
00:58:52 – Gayna writes in about “PhDead”.

Music Appreciation:
01:16:39 – “Plastic Bag, Plastic Surgeon” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:
01:18:08 – Projection Booth Podcast.

01:18:59 – TVLine.com has information on supporting characters for the season, both absent and returning.
01:20:44 – Title and synopsis for the next episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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