#226: XX.

We witness the events of the previous episode from Kate’s perspective and discover her intentions in Castle’s 2nd episode from the 8th season, “XX”.

00:00:35 – John talks about a current family squabble, related to his Mother’s passing. Meanwhile, Heidi talks about her recent experience at the Salt Lake City Comic-Con.

00:37:02 – Con Man, co-starring Nathan Fillion is now available on Vimeo On Demand.

00:39:15 – 8×02, “XX”.

00:47:52 – So that happened.

Cathie’s E-mail:
01:07:59 – Cathie writes in about both “XY” and “XX”.

Murder Board:
01:32:52 – Samantha, Kari and Cathie hit the Facebook Group, in an effort to process the episode.

Gayna’s E-mail:
01:36:13 – Gayna writes in about both “XY” and “XX”.

Music Appreciation:
02:03:37 – “Cold/Does Beckett Know?” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:
02:06:00 – Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast.

02:06:39 – TVLine.com interviews the new showrunners about the bold events of this episode and what it could mean for the season.
02:08:37 – Title and synopsis for the next episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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