#224: Priors, Case 27 – Nathan Fillion.

In this “Priors” edition of the podcast, John and Heidi are joined by Annie Burnaman to discuss Joss Whedon’s 2005 film, “Serenity”.

00:00:55 – John discusses a sudden, financial hemorrhaging, transferring payment responsibilities on his Mother’s car to another party and his thoughts on the “Dear Fat People” video. Meanwhile, Annie explains the upcoming Can’t Stop The Serenity event for Equality Now. Also, Heidi is preparing for the Salt Lake City Comic-con.

00:24:36 – “Serenity” (2005).

Music Appreciation:
01:06:15 – “Serenity” by David Newman.

Ad Break:
01:07:08 – Human Echoes Podcast.

01:07:40 – Title and synopsis for the Season 8 premiere.

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