#223: Pilot Revisited.

While waiting for Season 8 to start, John and Heidi take a trip down memory lane and re-watch the pilot episode of Castle, “Flowers For Your Grave”.

00:00:44 – John talks about battling depression and a Summer heat wave. He also takes a moment to talk about a video game called The Last of Us, and its surprising connection to Castle. Digital projectors are also discussed (where John gets units of measurement wrong). Meanwhile, Heidi gets a new job!

00:24:05 – You can now pre-order Castle: Season 7, as well as the latest Nikki Heat Novel.

00:27:18 – 1×01, “Flowers For Your Grave”.

00:28:37 – A fun discussion of warm fuzzies, John is surprised to find the episode to be much better the second time around.

00:44:44 – Cathie writes in about “Flowers For Your Grave”.

Music Appreciation:
00:48:14 – “Castle Meets Beckett” by Robert Duncan.

00:49:13 – EW.com has info on a new cast member for season 8.
00:52:28 – TVLine has vague info about Martha and Castle’s Dad for season 8.

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