#129: The Wild Rover

Castlecast 129


Ryan goes undercover
Ryan goes undercover

Detective Ryan goes undercover with the Irish Mafia.

Heidi is joined by guest co-host, Jaime, while John is spending time with family.


00:01:25- Jaime got chickens and Heidi is still working on her new Veronica Mars introcast.


00:06:19- Castle Trading Cards are now available.  Start watching in your local hobby store.


00:07:43- The Wild Rover


00:13:08- Jaime didn’t enjoy the episode as much as Heidi, but they both had some favorite moments.


00:24:50- Cathie writes in about finally having a kiss with light.

00:35:17- First time emailer, Jeff, writes in about this episode.

00:37:17- Gayna tells us about her fandom experiences.


00:46:24- The PodioRacket Podcast


00:47:17- We have the synopsis for the 100th episode of Castle

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission. 

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