#99: Priors, Case 6 – Stana Katic.

Truth About Kerry (2004) – Property of O’Sullivan Pictures

Heidi and John tackle another “Priors” edition of the podcast, as they take a look at the 2004 film, “Truth About Kerry”, starring Stana Katic.

00:00:44 – John misses out on spending Fathers Day with his family and Heidi is crowned the Utah Weight Loss Queen. Also, John shares the joys of his new, super fast internet service.

00:11:52 – Lots of online polls going on from Wet Paint, Zap2It and TV Breakroom.
00:17:44 – Jon Huertas has a song on iTunes. The music video is on YouTube.
00:18:17 – Nathan Fillion was interviewed by Parade Magazine and Backstage Magazine.

00:24:28 – General thoughts on “Truth About Kerry”.

00:31:15 – A more in depth, spoiler-filled review.

00:49:56 – Simone shares her thoughts on the film.
00:59:21 – Cathie shares her thoughts on the film.
01:12:24 – Gayna shares her thoughts on the film.

Music Appreciation:
01:34:01 – “First Gun Battle” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:
01:35:11 – Radical Geek.

Schedule Announcement:
01:35:33 – Plans for our 100th episode.

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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

2 thoughts on “#99: Priors, Case 6 – Stana Katic.

  1. Hi! I was interested in your critique of “Truth About Kerry” and it seems that it is a movie I don’t want to see. Not my kind of movie. I’d rather partake of some of Stana’s other movies, thanks. And yes, she did have a nose job in about 2005. I think it looks much better now, it fits her face better.

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