#97: Season 4 Feedback Special.

John and Heidi dig into the mail bag to get feedback from listeners on Season 4 of Castle.


00:00:51 – John recently celebrated his 33rd Birthday and shares his thoughts on the state of his favorite show, “Community”. Meanwhile, Heidi returns from attending a Wedding in California!


00:18:31 – Nathan Fillion interviewed about “Much Ado About Nothing”, Directed by Joss Whedon.


00:25:25 – Comment from Aussie listener, Elizabeth.
00:29:12 – Europa writes in about “Always” and shares a link to a song that reminds her of Caskett.
00:44:29 – Pierre writes in about “Undead Again” and “Always”.
00:51:59 – Jane writes in about “Always”.
00:58:50 – Bethany writes in about “Always” and Caskett.
01:06:31 – Gayna writes in about “Always”, what season 5 may hold and a possible continuity error regarding Montgomery and his children.
01:26:54 – Cathie writes in about season 4 and the running themes found within each episode.

Music Appreciation:

01:34:28 – “Dad’s Watch” by Robert Duncan.

Ad Break:

01:34:54 – The Way Of The Buffalo Podcast.

Summer Schedule:

01:35:24 – In the coming weeks and throughout the Summer, get ready for some classic Film Noir, a “Priors” or two and special fan commentary for a Season 2 episode with the listeners!


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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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