#96: Always.

CASTLE – “Always” — When the murder of an Army veteran puts Beckett on the trail of the man who shot her, Castle must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice to keep her safe. As secrets are revealed and feelings are put on the table, the lives of the detectives at the 12th Precinct may never be the same, on the Season Finale of “Castle,” MONDAY, MAY 7 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/VIVIAN ZINK) JON HUERTAS, NATHAN FILLION, SEAMUS DEVER, STANA KATIC

The episode that’s so good, it made John say a swear word. Castle’s season 4 finale, “Always”.


00:00:39 – John and Heidi squee for a solid five minutes about their experiences seeing The Avengers.


00:05:43 – Andrew Marlowe talks to TVLine.com and also TVGuide.com about the season 4 finale, with some vague spoilers for season 5.

00:08:05 – The first chapter of Frozen Heat is available to read over at ABC.com.

00:08:41 – The Ryan Report goes on hiatus.

00:09:35 – Castle has officially been renewed for a season 5!


00:12:00 – 4×23, “Always”.


00:18:08 – John and Heidi write poems and sing songs about the greatness of this episode (not really, but they did love it to bits).


00:43:14 – iTunes review by omalleym.

00:44:43 – Gayna experiences spontaneous combustion (of joy) over the season finale.

01:09:54 – Simone splits the atom (of joy) over the season finale.

01:16:49 – Zoe creates a rift in time and space (of joy) over the season finale.

01:22:30 – Wendy blocks out the sun (of joy) over the season finale.

01:26:11 – Cathie goes into cardiac arrest (of joy) over the season finale.

01:36:03 – Jesse breaks the sound barrier (of joy) over the season finale.

01:37:51 – Anna moves a mountain (of joy) over the season finale.

The Murder Board:

01:43:01 – Laura Smith loved the episode, but had a couple issues with it. Ashley has counterpoints. Simone takes a unique approach to Six Degrees of Joss Whedon.

Ad Break:

01:49:31 – Haywire (Science Fiction Adventure book by Justin R. Macumber).

Schedule Announcements:

01:51:16 – Feedback special, Noir film review, Priors for Stana Katic and season 2 episode commentary by assembled fans are all on the horizon.


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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

Special Music Appreciation:

01:55:16 – “I Just Want You” by Robert Duncan.

One thought on “#96: Always.

  1. Dear Heidi and John,
    This email has to be short sorry. Im a long time listener to your podcast. I am nearly 14 and live in Australia. I am a mega fan of Castle. Your podcasts are fun and refreshing especially listening to the start where you tell us whats happing in your lives. Heidi- I hope your ear is going good. I know exactly what it is like having my ear operated on and having a heap of stitches inside and on my ear, so i hope it is going well. John- hope your move continues to be good.I may live in Australia but have seen every Castle ep. In your last podcast (Always) you were wondering what ep Australia is up to. Well where i am i am proud to say we are up to A Dance with Death. Not Cops and Robbers.
    I guess i should quickly express my mind about this ep. Always.
    This is the single word response i have given to anybody who asks me how it was: ARRRRRR. So in other words I loved it but are extremely frustrated with it. Don’t ask me why but that is what i think. I loved the end with Alexis’s speech and Beckett on the swing. Wasn’t Castles face when he opened the door to Beckett priceless. That scene was A M A Z I N G! I was actually going to stop it there but then those last 48 seconds was a surprise. I think that wasn’t really a cliff hanger. My cliff hanger is the fact that we have to wait to see what happens between Castle and Beckett! Anyways…. I hope this gets to you since it is a comment not an email…
    With loves and thanks

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