#80: Cuffed.

Handcuffs and Tigers and Hacksaws! Oh my! No, it’s not some weird fever dream, it’s episode ten from season four of Castle, “Cuffed”.
00:00:34 – John talks about one of his favorite podcasts, The Intermission (WARNING: contains some adult language) and the latest episode, which is all about the Nielsen Ratings System and how they work. Meanwhile, Heidi has Muppet Fever and discovers some plot similarities between a past installment and the newest addition to the franchise.
00:16:11 – Seamus Dever and his wife, Juliana (Jenny in Castle) will be attending Australia’s Castlecon. Click here for more details.
00:18:03 – Check out this article, wherein Tamala Jones talks about her aneurysm scare and educating others about their health.
00:20:09 – 4×10, “Cuffed”.
00:24:39 – Heidi and John share their thoughts on this episode.
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00:44:36 – New listener Cathie from Australia, gives her review of “Cuffed” and offers up a suggestion for a future “Priors” episode of the podcast.
00:50:52 – Zoe in Alaska stumps John with some Spanish, laments the below freezing weather and sings the praises of this week’s episode.
01:03:23 – Gayna in the UK talks about Gates, the Tiger and getting “hitched”.
The Murder Board:
01:10:50 – Kim discusses the promo for this episode, Kellie rates it as a favorite of this season, Brooke wishes Beckett could sit still, Cathie concurs and Kari gets the warm fuzzies.
Music Appreciation:
01:15:32 – “Home Video” by Robert Duncan
Guest Promo:
01:16:07 – Critical Myth Podcast (analyzing popular genre television as modern folklore)
01:17:10 – Titles for the next few episodes. Castle returns to ABC with new episodes on January 9th, 2012!
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Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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