#46: Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

John is still conquering far away kingdoms.  Yes, it’s on XBox, but that’s beside the point.  Joining Heidi this week is Stephanie.


00:02:56 – Check out the Castle extras over at the ABC website.

00:03:37 – We talk about the December Castle schedule.  Anatomy of a Murder will air Dec. 27.

00:04:01 – Matt Roush at TV Guide asks who should join Castle’s poker game.


00:06:58 – 3×09 Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind


00:11:47 – Heidi and Steph give their thoughts on the episode, along with favorite moments and quotes.


00:25:38 – Jason emails as a huge X-Files fan, so he loved the episode.  He also thinks Lance Henrickson should’ve had a bigger role.

00:29:15 – Alex might believe in aliens now.  She enjoyed the meet the parents storyline, and has started a new blog.

00:31:18 – Jesse comments on the Firefly reference and his love of the ‘Verse.

00:32:10 – Melissa gives her thoughts on the episode.

00:40:39 – A comment from our Facebook group.


00:42:48 – Potentialcast


00:43:48 – We discuss a very spoilery picture!

00:48:42 – MegaBuzz Triple Killer spoiler.

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