#45: Murder Most Fowl

Please excuse our audio problems this week.  Frank guest cohosts from the Fortress of Solitude, while John is still sailing around on a pirate ship.


00:03:05 – Buy the DVD from the Castle Paley Festival Panel on Amazon.

00:05:25 – Check out this Castle video on Hulu.

00:06:27 – Jump the Shark article.

00:08:04 –  Nathan and Stana at the AMAs.


00:08:41 – 3×08  Murder Most Fowl


00:12:58 – Frank and Heidi give their thoughts on and favorite moments from Murder Most Fowl.


00:35:19 – Jonathon’s voicemail about Molly Quinn in Avalon High.

00:38:26 – Zoe’s voicemail includes her answer to the poll and a 3XK theory.

00:41:44 – MJ showers us with praise.

00:45:26 – Jesse educates us on the title of the episode.

00:46:58 – Alex wasn’t as impressed with Murder Most Fowl as we were.

00:49:32 – Twitter comment.


00:51:47 – Firefly Between the Lines


00:53:08 – Megabuzz question about Beckett’s mother’s murder.

00:54:11 – Megabuzz question- will we get more Caskett?

00:55:38 – Episode airing order change and more episode titles.

00:56:28 – Last Call description.

Outro and Contact Information:

Next week’s episode will be Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind.

You can find Frank at Echo Alert, Tech Ramblings, and Thought Bubble Audio.

You can email us at castlepodcast@gmail.com.  Find us on Twitter.  Join our Facebook group.  Also, leave us a voicemail at 478-227-4328 (HEAT).

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