#43: 3XK

John was around for the recording of this episode, where we talk about 3XK, but then his computer blew up.  So, we don’t have music appreciation this week.


00:00:49 – Join our new Facebook group.

00:02:53 – Airing schedule for November, December, and January.

00:05:27 – A non-spoilery review of Naked Heat.


00:08:11 – 3×06  3XK


00:13:34 – John and Heidi discuss 3XK and how it was the most intense episode in a long time.  Also, quotes and favorite moments.


00:27:30 – We listen to Zoe’s voicemail about the Castle and Beckett relationship and her disappointment in Anatomy of a Murder.

0036:57 – Alex emails about her love of serial killer stories.

00:38:37 – We read Zoe’s email with thoughts on 3XK and enjoying the friendship between Castle and Beckett.

00:44:25 – Melissa sends her notes on 3XK.

00:54:00 – Jesse’s email reveals how much he loved 3XK.

00:56:22 – We have some feedback from the Facebook group.

00:59:13 – We also have some Twitter replies.


01:00:48 – Future Traditions Podcast


01:01:34 – Actors come to Castle from Brothers and Sisters and that 70s Show.

01:02:46 – We have episode titles for 3×10 to 3×14.

01:04:01 – Episode summary for 3×09, Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind.


00:05:46- Next week’s discussion will be on 3×07, Almost Famous. Send feedback on the episode and this podcast to castlepodcast@gmail.com. Call our voicemail line at 478-227-4328 (HEAT).

One thought on “#43: 3XK

  1. I wanted to comment on the “Close Encounters” episode but was unable to find a place to do so. I was so blown away by this episode! It exceeded every expectation that I had (and they were pretty high). It was the most perfect, witty homage to The X-Files (a show near and dear to my heart) that I could possibly imagine. BUT my favorite moment of the episode was the “that’s what she said” moment. Beckett’s line (Just put it in and get it over with”) coupled with the look on Castle’s face was absolutely priceless. It was SO much funnier than if he had actually said the punch line. That moment was, in my opinion, the epitome of clever writing married with clever performances- the very thing that sets “Castle” apart from all other current prime-time shows.

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