Calling All Castle Fans!

Attention Castle fans,
This is John from Castlecast. A group of fellow podcasters and I are getting together on Monday, the 24th to discuss the season 2 finale, “A Deadly Game” as well as share our thoughts on the season in general. Just as we did with episode 11 of the podcast for “Vampire Weekend”, we’ll be having a roundtable conference via skype. Though our space for guests is limited, we’d still like you to be a part of the show and share your love for Castle. Here are just a few ways you can be involved.

You can post a brief thought or two on If 140 characters just won’t do, you can elaborate in the comments section of this very posting at If you’re feeling inspired to write an essay on Caskett and their undying moon-eyes for each other, you can do so by emailing And finally, if you need to express yourself through the magic of cellular audio, you can call our voicemail line at 478-227-4328 (HEAT). Remember to leave us at least your first name and what city you’re calling from.

Got a favorite character? Favorite moment? Favorite line? Favorite guest star? Favorite writer? Favorite episode? Let us know your answers and why. Be sure to get your thoughts and opinions in by Monday, May 24th, 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. I myself will be turning 31 on Sunday, the day before, so this episode of Castlecast will be like my own personal, Castle-themed birthday party/present. We will continue to cover season one of Castle during the Summer hiatus and we look forward to hearing from all of you as we discuss “A Deadly Game”.

Take care.

One thought on “Calling All Castle Fans!

  1. I’ve sent along my thoughts on the season finale episode but will try to put together something on the season as a whole if I have time between now and Sunday. Happy birthday, John. Hope it’s a great one.

    Melissa in Cleveland.

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