#17: A Rose For Ever After.

It’s a bit late, but Heidi and John bring you a recap and discussion for episode twelve from season two of Castle, “A Rose For Ever After”. Also, we love cake. Just sayin’.

00:01:58 – Richard Castle’s “Heat Wave” novel has been so successful, a paperback edition is being planned, as well as a second novel, furthering the adventures of Nikki Heat & Jameson Rook.
00:05:38 – Clarification on “Love Song” by Golden State, which can be heard in the episode, during the wedding scene.
00:07:13 – “A Rose For Ever After” pulled in 9.5 million viewers. Castle was highlighted by ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson at the Television Critics Association Press Tour.
00:09:11 – Matt Roush features Castle in his list of “Episodes that make Monday a happy place.”

Recap & Review:
00:11:58 – Recap for 2×12, “A Rose For Ever After”.
00:17:07 – Heidi and John share their favorite quotes and moments from the episode, or as it’s more commonly known around here, “Alyssa Milano can do no wrong.” 🙂
00:21:37 – The CastleTV chat room is a fun place to visit, but if you put the moves on Richard Castle, and your name isn’t Kate Beckett, watch your back.
00:22:55 – Charmed was a fun, lively program that entertained millions. Even sweet, little old ladies. Who’s The Boss? is also well regarded in this discussion.

Emails, iTunes Reviews & Twitter Comments:
00:45:32 – The great debate about Alexis continues, thanks to an email from Melissa in Cleveland.
00:52:29 – Jesse tells of his “Castle Christmas”, filled with a few Fillion-related gifts.
00:54:09 – Twitter love for Castle from Susie The Geek, and a glowing review for the podcast from iTunes user, Rocket Science Mom.
00:57:51 – If any English-speaking, Skype-using Castle fans would like to be a guest host on the podcast, please email us.

Music Appreciation:
00:59:17 – “Castle vs. Sorenson” by Robert Duncan.
00:59:46 – Please let the composer know how much you enjoy his music for Castle and his other works such as Buffy, Tru Calling and The Unit. Tell him we sent you. 🙂

01:00:58 – Titles and descriptions for upcoming episodes, including special guest news, courtesy of Michael Aussiello.

01:05:20 – Castle will be taking a month-long break in February, due to the Winter Olympics broadcast. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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