#6: Deep In Death.

As Heidi continues down her road to recovery, Larissa from Future Traditions comes to the rescue to talk about Castle’s 2nd season premiere episode.

00:01:01 – Richard Castle wants to beat Dan Brown in the Bestseller list.
00:02:22 – In an effort to make that happen, Nathan Fillion made an appearance at The Apple Store to a packed audience on September 18th in Soho, New York. You can listen to the event on iTunes.
00:03:40 – Upcoming book signings for Heat Wave will be occurring at Barnes & Noble in LA on the 19th, as well as Borders in Northridge, California on the 29th.
00:04:43 – The ratings for the season 2 premiere are in.

Recap & Review:
00:06:45 – Episode recap for “Deep In Death” (2×01).
00:12:10 – John & Larissa give their thoughts on the episode.
00:18:12 – Through the magic of editing, Heidi chimes in with her opinion of the season premiere.

00:20:22 – Santa got our letters! We have email! Not from Santa. It’s from Ashley. 🙂 She asks us to consider the idea of moving Castle an hour before it’s current air time, and what that would mean for the show’s ratings.

Music Appreciation:
00:35:13 – “Castle Meets Beckett” by Robert Duncan.

00:36:11 – Title and description for the next upcoming episode of Castle.

Outro & Contact Information:
00:38:24 – Please email us and follow us on Twitter.

Music for this podcast courtesy of Emmy-nominated, series composer, Robert Duncan. Used with permission.

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