#4: Nanny McDead

After a brief “vacation”, Heidi and John return with more news and discussions on Castle, including a recap of the second episode, Nanny McDead and a new spoiler segment for season 2!

Introductions & Catching Up:
00:00:28 – Heidi saw Nathan Fillion at Comicon, but that’s all. The insanity of the convention is discussed. John has kidney stones. He’s taking medication. Let’s see if anyone notices.
00:07:51 – Castle’s composer Robert Duncan has been nominated for an Emmy. His assistants celebrate by giving us free music. We celebrate by discussing the music’s greatness.

00:14:32 – Castle is now available on Hulu. Please go watch.
00:16:36 – The line between fiction and reality is blurred as Richard Castle joins Twitter!
00:20:51 – Nathan Fillion gives a tour of the Castle sets on Hulu.

Recap & Review:
00:21:30 – Episode recap for “Nanny McDead (1×02).
00:32:23 – John and Heidi give their thoughts on the episode.
00:42:00 – Prolific author, Ray Garton has heard of Castle.

Contact Information:
00:44:21 – Please email us and follow us on twitter. Also, don’t forget to leave your thoughts on Castle in The Murder Board (the comments section of this post)
00:47:10 – Debbie Egurrola is awesome and therefore, you should follow her on Twitter.

Music Appreciation:
00:49:11 – “First Gun Battle” by Robert Duncan.

00:50:16 – Upcoming episode titles and brief scene descriptions for season 2.

Outro & Guest Promo:
00:54:44 – “Fiends” by Paul Elard Cooley.

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